Waterloo Middle School
Academics and Character Together - "A Class Act"
65 Center Street
School district Waterloo Central School District
Principal Michael J. Ferrara
Asst. Principal Susan L. Burgess
Staff 70
Faculty 41
Grades 6-8

Waterloo Middle School is a junior high school in Waterloo, New York. It is located at 65 Center Street and serves grades 6 through 8. The current principal is Mr. Michael Ferrara, and the current assistant principal is Mrs. Susan Burgess. Waterloo Middle School was awarded the first National School of Character Award in 2008[1].


Waterloo Middle School was part of the Waterloo Central School until 1961, when the senior high grades moved to Center Street, and grades 7-8 remained at the Junior High building at 202 West Main Street. Grade 6 would become part of the Middle School after the 1980s. In the fall of 2006, Waterloo Middle School moved to the former High School on Center Street and isnow adjacent to the new High School building.

Former principalsEdit

Previous assignment denoted within parentheses

  • Mr. Charles Williamson–1951–1969 (Teacher - Waterloo Central School, resigned[2])
  • Mr. Edward M. Boudreau–1969-1984 (Guidance Counselor - Waterloo Middle School, named Principal of Waterloo High School[2])
  • Mr. Richard O. Byndas–1984-1994 (Vice Principal - Waterloo High School, named Transition Coordinator of Border City Elementary School[2])
  • Mr. Michael E. Simon–1994-1997 (Vice Principal - Waterloo High School, named Principal of Geneva High School[2])
  • Mr. Kenneth P. Foster–1997-2001 (Instrumental music instructor - Waterloo Middle School, named Principal of Naples Junior/Senior High School[3])

Selected former assistant principalsEdit

Previous assignment denoted within parentheses

  • Mr. John M. Butler–1999–2001 (unknown, named Vice Principal of Waterloo High School[2])
  • Mrs. Mary Bennett–2001–2002
  • Mr. Tad R. Rounds–2002-2004 (Social Studies instructor - Waterloo High School, named Vice Principal of Waterloo High School)
  • Mrs. Babette McCulloch–2004-2005 (Physical Education instructor - Waterloo High School, returned to duties at WHS)



The Waterloo Middle School campus (1929-2006)

Period Number/Activity Beginning Bell End Bell
Warning Bell 7:38 7:38
Announcements 7:40 7:44
Period 1 7:40 8:57
Period 2 9:02 10:19
Advisory 10:24 10:51
Period 3 10:56 12:43
Lunch 1 10:56 11:26
Per. 3-Class 1 11:26 12:43
Lunch 2 11:34 12:04
Per. 3-Class 2 10:56
Lunch 3 12:13 12:43
Per. 3-Class 3 10:56 12:13
Period 4 12:48 2:10
Announcements/Dismissal 2:10 2:15
Academic Assistance 2:15 2:55

References Edit

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