St. Regis Falls Central School
92 North Main Street
Waverly, New York
School district St. Regis Falls Central School District
Superintendent Patricia A. Dovi
Principal Marc Czadzeck
Faculty 70
Grades Pre-K-12
Color(s) Blue and Gold Template:Colorbox and Template:Colorbox
Mascot Saints
Director of Pupil Services Warren Gaggin

Saint Regis Falls Central School is a school in Franklin County, New York that serves grades Pre-K to Grade 12. The Superintendent is Ms. Patricia Dovi, and the Principal is Mr. Marc Czadzeck. The school serves the towns of Dickinson, Hopkinton, Lawrence, Santa Clara and Waverly.

Board of educationEdit

  • Ms. Karen Wilson–President
  • Ms. Janet Richardsk–Vice President
  • Ms. Michelle Brockway
  • Mr. William LaBounty
  • Ms. Jeannie Wood
  • Mr. Thomas O'Bryan
  • Mr. Mickey Smith[1]


Selected former superintendentsEdit

Selected former principalsEdit

  • Mr. Boyd McKendrick[5]
  • Mr. Kenneth Davison[6]
  • Mr. Philip L. Snyder–2002-2003[7]
  • Mr. Terry B. Remington–2003[7]-2005[8]
  • Mr. Richard N. Hansen–2005-[9]-2007[10]


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