Penn Yan Middle School
Type Public, Coeducational
School district Penn Yan Central School District
Principal Becky Perrault
Asst. Principal Warren Kinsey
Grades 6-8
Hours in school day 6
Team name Mustangs

Penn Yan Middle School is a middle school in Penn Yan, New York. located at 515 Liberty Street and serves grades 6 through 8. The current principal is Ms. Rebecca Perrault, and the current assistant principal is Mr. Warren Kinsey.


Former principalsEdit

Previous assignment and reason for denoted in parentheses

  • Ms. Billie Bauman
  • Ms. Linda Raide–?-2007 (Unknown, retired)
  • Mr. David D. Pullen–2007-2009 (Principal - Geneva High School, named Principal of Penn Yan Academy

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