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The Fairport Central School District is a public school district in New York State that serves approximately 7,100 students in the village of Fairport and the town of Perinton in Monroe County, with over 1200 employees and an operating budget of $94 million (~$15,051 per student).[1]

The average class size is 22.3 students and the student-teacher ratio is 23:1 (elementary), 21.5:1 (middle-high school).[1]

Jon Hunter is the Superintendent of Schools.

General informationEdit

The Fairport Central School District consists mostly of students from the Perinton/Fairport region.


  • In 1999 the village of Fairport, the FCSD and Monroe #1 BOCES announced a collaboration to have public ch 12 used for more than government meetings and programs. A full time staff was put together to accomplish this goal.[2]

Student StatisticEdit

Number of students per grade [3]
Grade Number of Students Percent
Kindergarten 432
Grades 1 - 5 2628
Grades 6 - 8 1799
Grades 9 - 12 2259
Student distribution by ethnicity[3]
Ethnicity Number of Students Percent
African American 4%
Hispanic 2%
White 91%
Native American 0%
Asian/Pacific Islander 4%

Board of educationEdit

The Board of Education (BOE) consists of seven members who serve rotating three-year terms. Elections, when necessary, are held each May to fill the seats of members whose terms have expired. These elections occur alongside voting on the School District's annual budget.

Name Position Committees
Joyce Kostyk [4] President Board Policy Committee, Monroe County School Boards Association (MCSBA) Legislative Committee, MCSBA Board Presidents Committee, MCSBA Executive Committee
Thomas F. McJury [4] Vice President Education Wall of Distinction Selection Committee
Robert A. Beckwith [4] Board Member Audit Committee, MCSBA Labor Relations Committee
Ken Kathan [4] Board Member Audit Committee, Curriculum Council Committee, MCSBA Labor Relations Committee
Maureen M. Nupp [4] Board Member Board Policy Committee, MCSBA Legislative Committee, MCSBA Steering Committee
Terri Pries [4] Board Member Audit Committee
Kellie J. Scott-Reed [4] Board Member Audit Committee, Curriculum Council Committee, MCSBA Labor Relations Committee

Patricia Greene is currently the District Clerk.[4]


Elementary schoolsEdit

Middle schoolEdit

High schoolsEdit


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